Managing means I very often talk to boat owners about our services and how we can help them sell their boats. A very common question I come across is why they should use a broker instead of simply trying to sell it on their own. At the end of the day selling without a broker means no commission and, theoretically fewer expenses. In practice, this is not the case as we need to consider the sale of a boat as a multi-step process which involves several stakeholders. Here I cover a few parameters that help us save money for our customers.

Speed of sale

We sell boats faster – twice as fast - than anyone else. This means less marina expenses fewer maintenance costs and, depending on the boats’ registration, less tax to be paid.


We take care of the boat’s promotion. The owner does not have to make any expenses to advertise it. These can be significant especially if one considers the worldwide (or local) promotion we carry out for each boat we sell. We inform likely buyers who follow our listings of any boat that matches their preferences. There are 1.2 million users who, depending on their boat interests, receive regular updates on any new boat we list.

Hands on approach

One key area where we make the difference is by handling all steps of the sale. As a result, the owner saves even more money by reducing the actual time it takes to sell a boat. We do our own photography; we take care of all boat enquiries and we handle the potential buyer visits.

Easier to buy

This works both ways as we also save buyers time to identify the boat they want to purchase. The way we capture the condition of each boat means that every potential buyer has full visibility of its condition, via the material we produce and the knowledge we have acquired about the boat by visiting it ourselves. Buyers buying via take less time to make an offer. To add to this, we have a very strong network of companies which can help buyers identify the right companies and professionals that can help them with the new berthing site of their boat, its maintenance or even its safe transfer to the destination of their choice. This access to information supports them in being ready faster to complete a deal.

No commission

A key element of our offering is that there is no commission charged if we do not sell your boat. As we offer a non-exclusive agreement, the owner has the choice to use more brokers or try to sell the boat on their own. We will communicate all offers we receive, and it is your decision whether you want to accept them or not. Our client is the decision maker and defines the selling price.

Just a click away

We love the challenge of selling a boat and helping our customers receive maximum value from our services. Our record of selling more than 20,000 boats to date is a strong proof point of our approach and methodology. Contact us to learn more